Looking for rigorous academics fully integrated with a Christian worldview? Explore Providence!


Biblical Christian faith forms the firm foundation of all we do at Providence. We partner with parents and churches for our students’ discipleship, desiring to teach them above all to love God and love others.


While there are many Christian schools in St. Louis, first and foremost what sets Providence apart is our classical approach. We use the historically-successful classical approach to train students to embrace truth, act with virtue, and communicate effectively. A classical education’s purpose is to equip the whole person — to develop thinkers defined by who they are, rather than workers defined merely by what they do. The classical model of education emphasizes great books, history, logic, classical languages and persuasive speaking — along with mathematics, and the arts and sciences — to sharpen the mind and move the heart with truth, goodness, and beauty.


Building on our foundation of biblical faith, fully integrated with a classical approach, are practical elements of our life together that advance our mission. At Providence, we hold dear six key identifying features that provide practical support to our mission of equipping students for a life of wisdom, virtue and eloquence to the glory of God.

  1. Faithful teachers: Our teachers are faithful both in the sense of being full of heartfelt faith in Jesus and deeply committed to excellence in their craft. Under the guidance of our academic deans, these teachers work as an integrated team to teach and mentor students throughout their Pre-K-12 experience.
  2. Pre-K-12 Community: Our single-campus, Pre-K-12 structure advances our educational goals for students, cultivates a strong sense of community, and serves. Our close knit Pre-K-12 community is critical to fostering the type of community we value.
  3. Small Size: Providence intentionally limits its size to one excellent, vibrant classroom per grade level to safeguard effective teaching and learning.
  4. Affordable Tuition: There are very few local private schools which can maintain a small class size, see such superb results from their students, and offer affordable tuition all at the same time. Providence does just that. A Providence education is a great value. Our tuition is set at a level the average family can afford — at less than half the national average tuition for independent schools — and scholarships are available.
  5. Rich Extracurriculars: Although we are a small, affordable school, we are blessed to be able to offer our students excellent extracurricular activities. We intentionally choose each extracurricular and seek to do it with excellence, in a way that supports our classical, Christian vision.
  6. Involved Families: Providence partners with families in their God-given role of teaching and training students, and without the involvement of our families, Providence could not be the community of excellence it is. Providence creates many occasions each year for parents to come together with students, teachers, and leaders as an entire school community to foster a joyful sense of shared identity and purpose.

Providence offers rigorous, time-proven academics fully integrated with Biblical faith, in a nurturing community. We are a part of the national movement which recognizes the intellectual and spiritual renewal that a return to classical Christian education can bring to our culture. We hope your heart will be moved to join with us.

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Providence – Your Choice for Academic Integrity and Biblical Faith