Providence is first and foremost a Christian school.  Its purpose and efforts are centered in the Gospel. The Gospel, which is the good news of the forgiveness of sins and eternal life in Christ Jesus, serves as the core of Providence’s identity. The Christ of the Scriptures shapes all aspects of our lives and learning. We have formal Bible instruction, but also recognize that Christ reigns supreme over all of learning and interaction. Thus our teaching of literature, science, grammar, and mathematics is set in the context of God’s wisdom, order, will, and beauty.

Jesus has come to redeem not only the intellect, but the whole person. Under his lordship, in accordance to his revealed will, and by his grace we seek to train the whole student: body and soul. This goal would be unreached if self-serving, proud, and loveless graduates, albeit intelligent and persuasive, were our fruit. Thus, we strive by His grace to see that Providence magnifies the Gospel of Christ Jesus crucified, risen, reigning, and returning.

Although Providence is distinctively Christian, it is not a church; neither is the school aligned with a particular denomination.  In teaching Christianity we seek to focus on what we hold in common for the sake of the Gospel.  In the classroom, we are careful to avoid endorsing particular views of the sacraments, church polity, or practices which are peculiar to the different denominations. We do openly discuss these at a level appropriate to a given class, representing each view fairly, and emphasizing a charitable treatment of such issues throughout our school. Each student is encouraged to give priority to and seek counsel from his family and the church to which he belongs.

In accordance with the Bible, we affirm that a child’s education is preeminently the responsibility of the parents. Providence, therefore, carries out its work on behalf of parents and seeks their ongoing support and participation in the life of the school. In an effort to ensure that a common and united culture is maintained, we require that at least one parent is a professed believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that this parent is a member in good standing with a local Christian congregation. Such commitments help us to join with the parents in the training of their children. We also place a high priority upon the Christian profession and lifestyle of our faculty, but do not demand that a member of our faculty be committed to any particular denomination’s confession of faith.

As a Christian school, our work as parents, students, and teachers is filled with hope.  Though we face deep obstacles in a world filled with failings and false hopes, our horizon is defined by the hope that in Christ Jesus, God is making all things new.  Our task of teaching and learning is thus honest about the reality of our life in this fallen world, but is roused and animated by a sure confidence in “the life of the world to come.”